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As architectural concepts become more complex and sophisticated, it is increasingly necessary to find a design collaborator committed to listening to their client and helping to develop a mutual vision through their experience and expertise.  We believe that lighting should be tailored to the needs of each particular environment taking advantage of technology and the design team’s creativity.


For 36 years, Schweppe Lighting Design has always been regarded as a progressive design firm. One of our projects has received a “Rethinking The Future” award in 2020. In this time, we have partnered with architects, interior designers, engineers, developers, contractors, owners and even other lighting designers on over 1,950 separate projects (meeting LEED requirements at every certification level). We work with our clients to discover the most effective ways to create an environment that meets the overall objectives.


The record we have established for guiding clients to the lighting options best suited to their needs is rooted in these fundamental principles:


First, as a firm dedicated exclusively to lighting design, we are able to approach each project with confident expertise and to apply the most appropriate technology to whatever challenge we are given.


Secondly, in this cost and energy conscious era, our design approach supports the best energy conservation path while taking advantage of cost savings wherever possible based on each individual project’s needs and requirements.


Most important of all, however, is the service we provide.  We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to each client’s concerns.  We are always available to help with information, answer questions, or provide solutions to problems, and our design work is consistently ready in a prompt and timely manner.


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