D. Schweppe has worked on a large variety of projects from opera and drama to Bloomingdale's and the Mosque of Medina. His most recent accomplishments have included the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum, Lotus Software Headquarters, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Fleet Bank and Harvard University.

Outside of his company, Mr. Schweppe has been an active board member for the International Association of Lighting Designers. He is also an educator/speaker for the Designers Lighting Forum, Illuminating Engineering Society of North America and at several colleges and universities.

Cindy McCullough is a Principal of Schweppe Lighting Design, Inc. Her responsibilities include project management for such projects as: JFK Library and Museum; Kay Residence; Willowbend Country Club; and Boca Raton Resort & Club Convention Center.

Cindy McCullough and D. Schweppe also designed, created and operate 1 on 1 Self Indulgence Spa & Fitness, a beautiful 5000 sq ft oasis, located in West Concord, Massachusetts since 2004. For more information on the Spa, please visit their website ~ www.1on1si.com