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Schweppe Lighting Design has the priviledge of designing for both high end commercial and residential projects. Our project experience includes: Corporate, Hospitality, Retail, Prototypes, Medical/Laboratory/Hospital/Rehab Facilities, Private and Public Educational Institutions (Dorms, Academic, Labs, Performing Art Centers, Student Unions, Athletic Buildings, Admissions, Libraries, etc.), Churches, Art Centers, Museums, Spas, Fitness Facilities, Libraries, and Residential/Condo Housing.

​Schweppe Lighting Design is your personal lighting design consultant, and we know how important it is to achieve the look and feel of the space you are designing. We can be as playful and zooty as you would like, to elegant and subdued. What are the tasks that will be performed in your space? There are many questions whose answers determine the right lighting design plan that will suit your needs. From planning a gourmet kitchen, an university theater, to a Presidential Boardroom that demands special A.V., we have the expertise to assist you.



Use our specialty lighting service and transform your next special event. We do events such as; Corporate, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversarys, etc. We are committed to reflecting your personal style and color scheme.

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